All independent brands are welcome to book and rent our professional photo studio at 29 Tai Seng, central part of Singapore within 5 mins from the MRT.  We offer very attractive rates for Inde brands. 


Want to join our exclusive photo studio membership? 

To enquire about the studio, please drop us an email at

Membership Info

We are a membership & hourly photo studio rental in the central region of Singapore. We are a full-service equipment rental house, and offer photography studio memberships for local entrepreneurs. We provide all elements of photo & video production studios in SG for discerning creators. From space, equipment & crew, we have all the services necessary to make your vision come to life at our photo studio in SG. Live Voltage Studio embodies the spirit of local Entrepreneurship: we are hard-working innovators just like you, dedicated to using any means necessary to ensure that your photo studio rental in SG is a flawless experience and that your production goes off without a hitch.

Studio Image

Awesome Location - 5 mins walk from Tai Seng MRT
Equipment - Full Profoto Equipment List
Good People - We are entrepreneurs just like you
Membership - We have a membership program that will keep you shooting in the cheap
Studio Specification
  • Total area: 10m(W) x 18m(L)
  • Shooting area: 10m(W) x 6m(L)
  • Cyclorama wall
  • Make up area
  • Changing room
  • 5 high power BTU air-conditioners
  • High ceiling (3.5m)


Profoto Photography Equipment

Lighting & Modifiers

  • Profoto 901027 B1X500 AirTTL location kit x 1
  • Profoto 901028 B1X500 AirTTL To-Go Kit x 1
  • Profoto 901031 Profoto Air Remote x 2
  • Profoto 254712 Softbox RFi 5" Octa (150cm)  x 1
  • Profoto 254704 Softbox RFi 3x4"(90 x 120cm) x 2
  • Profoto 254709 Softbox RFi 1x4"(30 x 120cm) x 1
  • Profoto 1005501 RFi Speedring x 1
  • Profoto 101220 OCF Beauty Dish 2' x 1
  • Profoto 101220 OCF Softgrid 2'Octa x 1
  • Profoto 100624 Magnum Reflector 50 Degree 337mm x 2

Lighting Support & Others

  • Manfrotto A2033LKIT C-Stand Kit 33 Sliding Leg x 6 
  • Manfrotto 1314B Background Support System (9"Width) x 1
  • Manfrotto 055 Aluminium 3 - Section Tripod, w/ Horizontal Column x 1 
  • Manfrotto MH496 Centre Ball Head x 1
  • Manfrotto 183 Aluminum Table ( Laptop/projector) (25x35)cm x 1
  • Manfrotto MT190X3 without Head x 1
  • Trident TDR 5 in 1 Reflector x 1
  • Sand Bags Black x 6 
  • Savage 9ft Background Paper (Multiple colours)
  • Apple Box x 1


  • Bluetooth system
  • Heavy duty steamer x 1
  • Clothing racks x 2
  • 55inch HD TV x 1
  • Hair straightener
  • Hair dryer

Other Studio Specifications

If you are shooting bulky items, do take not of the following door measurements so that your items can be carried into the studio. Please do consider some additional space for trolleys and movers carrying the bulky item.

  • Main Studio Entrance Size
    • 140 cm (W) x 235 cm (H)
  • Studio Door
    • 150 cm (W) x 210 cm (H)
  • Cargo Lift
    • 185 cm (W) x 210 cm (H) x 270 (D)

W - Width, H- Height and D - Depth 

Studio Props

We partner for all Studio props. Please visit their website for the full selection of the studio props that you require.


House Rules 

Respect the value and integrity of Live Voltage’s property

No smoking inside the studio

No worn shoes on the cyclorama platform,
if outside shoes are required, use a towel and water to wipe clean

Only model‘s clean shoes are allowed

Do not step on the curve area of the cyclorama - it’s fragile

Photography equipment used has to be put back to its original placement

Do not cut the background paper just to remove small blemishes on the paper

Avoid eating and drinking inside the shooting area (cyclorama)

Properly dispose of all drinks and food in the trash bins

Respect our neighbours and keep the sound level down

Kindly stick to the reserved time or notify the studio
in advance if more time is required* (subject to availability)

You are liable to pay regular and additional expenses incurred
by the use of the studio during your rental time

Avoid unlawful downloading and avoid browsing malicious
website when using the studio internet

Report any damages, problems and any concerns immediately

Keep our Studio/Office clean after your session

Return all the equipments to it's original location after used

If anyone breaks these rules, you may be entailed additional expenses
or possible banishment from Live Voltage Studio

Live Voltage Studio is under 24-Hours CCTV surveillance 

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