Description: Packed with nutrients and low in calories, our all natural fruit bites are freeze blasted at -40 degree celsius to preserve its amazing flavour and nutrients, while making it super crisp and delicious! 

Great on the go, after workout or to satisfy sweet cravings.

What is Freeze-drying?
The Freeze Drying process extracts water, giving fruits a crunchy texture whilst preserving their natural flavours and nutritional value. It can be eaten as a healthy snack or used as an addition to smoothies, cereals and baking.

Product Details:
- Freeze Dry Technology
- All-Natural Ingredients
- 100% Real Fruits
- No Preservatives, Additives, Added Sugar, Colouring
- Oil free with 0% fat
- Halal

Size Description:

2 x 20g

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Osuda Freeze Dried Fruit (Jackfruit)

Osuda Freeze Dried Fruit (Jackfruit)